5 Books that will transform your child from a timid kitten into a courageous lion

It’s completely normal for children to be shy during new situations, yet others seem to just be shy no matter what! It’s okay though, it’s there personality, but there are ways you can help bring them out of their shell. Here are 5 confidence-boosting books to read to your child.

There is a new kid, named Jason Brown, that moves into the town of Monkeyville. Unfortunately, Fred the Monkey starts getting bullied by him! All because Jason Brown doesn’t know any other way to make friends.Read along with your child to follow Fred’s journey in resolving the situation and learning how to do the right thing.This book is great for parents and children to learn and talk about bullying, as well as discuss solutions to the problem.

2. Speech Therapy No More

Eli, a longed-for child, is born to David and Kathy Coolman.  David and Kathy are absolutely overjoyed about their new son.

However, as Eli begins to grow and develop, sadly he also develops an unexpected speech impediment.  His parents are at a loss about how to help him.  To get Eli through the hardships and traumas of his speech difficulties, not to mention all of the unfortunate accompanying bullying and teasing from the other students, David and Kathy take Eli to a series of speech therapists. 

In Eli’s later childhood years, many other people come to his aid during his most troubling times, including his dear cousin, Sally, some very concerned and thoughtful teachers, and a few new friends that Eli has made, during his hurtful yet empowering journey. 

 Heather Graham’s book Speech Therapy No More is the tale of one young boy’s quest to go for his dreams, overcome the odds and face his challenges, with a little along the way.  

3.  Thank You For Being You
Children’s moods and personalities may slightly differ from day to day, but reading this book to them will help them feel comfortable and okay with who they are, no matter how they’re feeling that day. This is perfect for parents to read to their children, as it is all about loving and accepting them unconditionally.

4. Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To Be Who You Are
Because of her differences, Lucy gets made fun of by a boy at school. When that same bully needs help, she does something incredibly courageous, and decides to help him out! Read along to find out what happens after her act of bravery.This book will not only motivate children to help others in need, but to unapologetically be him or herself when doing so.

5. Stick and Stone
The unlikely friendship of Stick and Stone will have you and your child appreciate the diversity of others and the specialty of friendships. Read about their adventures with their other unique friends, like Elephant and Piggie, as they discover the true power of friendship and sticking together. With their anti-bullying message, your child will be sure to want to support their loved ones through thick and thin.

These books will be sure to have your child feeling positive and empowered in their uniqueness. Your child will know it’s okay to be different, and that they are special no matter what. They will gain the confidence and strength in accomplishing anything they put their mind to, regardless of any challenges that come in their way.


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