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5 Books that will transform your child from a timid kitten into a courageous lion

It’s completely normal for children to be shy during new situations, yet others seem to just be shy no matter what! It’s okay though, it’s there personality, but there are ways you can help bring them out of their shell. Here are 5 confidence-boosting books to read to your child.

1. A Bully In Monkeyville There is a new kid, named Jason Brown, that moves into the town of Monkeyville. Unfortunately, Fred the Monkey starts getting bullied by him! All because Jason Brown doesn’t know any other way to make friends.Read along with your child to follow Fred’s journey in resolving the situation and learning how to do the right thing.This book is great for parents and children to learn and talk about bullying, as well as discuss solutions to the problem.

2. Speech Therapy No More
Eli, a longed-for child, is born to David and Kathy Coolman.  David and Kathy are absolutely overjoyed about their new son.
However, as Eli begins to grow and develop, sadly he also develops an unexpected speech imped…